Snow Goose Spread

Here at Prairiestorm Outfitters we use nothing but the best equipment.  Our general snow goose spread consists of around 1,000 decoys.  We use the best windsocks on the market today.  We run 600 Deadly sentry wind socks and 400 Tangle free windsocks in each spread.  We also run vortex machines, flyers and 2 electronic callers to have various realistic sounds to bring the birds as close as possible.  In every spread we have brand new comfortable Tangle Free Blinds to ensure a comfortable hunt.  One of the biggest complaints I have heard guiding is that the clients were uncomfortable in the blinds, that is why I invested in brand new blinds so everyone is comfortable and happy.  I believe that having the best equipment is crucial to a successful hunt.  When our guides are out hunting we are always flagging and doing everything under our power to get you birds.  Looking forward to seeing you in the spread.

2011 Prairiestorm Outfitters LLC